Adult learners seek out additional education; training and knowledge that will make it work and make the most of it. There are programs aimed at business executives as well as funded training programs for the unemployed, the employed and the self-employed. The Institute is licensed by EOPPEP (National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance) and provides courses for certification.

The Katranitsa Lifelong Learning Institute performs basic functions such as initial and continuing vocational training and general adult education which contributes to entrepreneurship, employment, job retention and human resources development.

Adult trainees seek to acquire skills to find a job or, if already working, to evolve to adapt to the requirements of their profession, to be promoted or to take on new professional positions. They seek personal growth as they are confronted with new situations and challenges; they feel the need to expand their interests. They are educated and informed having consciously chosen to devote time to education often sacrificing other priorities or interests by acquiring knowledge and skills related to their goals and professional aspirations. There are also specific training programs in cooperation with their employer from which they acquire skills and knowledge in order to better meet the present and future requirements of their job. Through recognized alternative educational structures, the integration and interconnection of lifelong learning with the labor market, individual and social progress and economic development is ensured. We upgrade the quality of our services in our certified educational centre through the framework of recognition of qualifications and certification of knowledge, skills and competences and we provide the possibility of access to knowledge for all adult citizens.