Mrs. Katranitsa Theodora, an experienced English teacher with the Michigan Proficiency degree, established her foreign language center in 1998 in 14 Navarinou street, across from the Church of Saint Varvara. In 2008, she was moved to a new site specially designed for this purpose by the architect, Mr. Slimistino Theodore, in 1 Kilkisiou street, just across from the original building. That time interactive paintings, along with new technologies and computers, started to be used on a pioneering basis. Mrs. Katranitsa has been a member of PALSO (Panellenic Federation of Language School Owners) since 1998 and in the local board of directors, developing trade union activity since 2003. She has also been an elected as a representative in the PALSO Federation for the Drama Prefecture since April 2013. She has participated in several training conferences in Greece and abroad and was a member of the organizing committee of the first PALSO conference held in Drama in 2008. In September 2015, she extended her activities while also operating a Lifelong Learning Institute to provide education services to adults. In 2016, she started co-operation with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens by enabling access to university-level projects.

“Happiness is working on what you like, on what you’re good at, and I love what I do. Education is the best investment because no one can take away our knowledge. That’s what I want to tell my students that I call them my children because during the course they become part of my heart. The human relationships, life relationships that I’ve created with my students and their parents over the years are my most precious asset. Their love, their respect and their appreciation are the reward for my work.

Thank you for trusting me with their education that is inseparable from their future.”

Sincerely, Katranitsa Theodora