Curricula for children and teenagers of all levels – from Junior, First Step and A1 up to C2 as the European Union have now established the names of the levels. Attendance at the appropriate courses leads to accredited examinations of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Language School Owners (PALSO) as well as Cambridge, Michigan, NOCN and other examination agencies recognized by the ASEP. It should be noted that the success rate of our students in the exams often reaches 100%.

We prepare the citizens of the future and we are obliged to provide them with the most modern and up-to-date teaching methods adapted to the age and learning style of each individual student, such as experiential education through projects, team work and collaborations with other schools from Greece and abroad with interactive whiteboards, computers and online platforms. There are activities that make learning more enjoyable, especially for young children through theatre performances, games, songs and films using our expertise.